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What International Students Think about U.S. Higher Education:<br> Attitudes and Perceptions of Prospective Students in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America

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This IIE report examines the attitudes and perceptions that international students who are considering studying in the United States have of U.S. higher education. IIE, in cooperation with EducationUSA, conducted a series of attitudinal surveys of prospective students in selected countries from spring 2009 through fall 2010. The following research questions are explored: What attracts students from other countries to study in the U.S.? What course of study do they intend to pursue? Do they prefer the U.S. to other key destinations? What are the perceived barriers facing students who wish to study in the U.S.? The results of all eleven surveys are presented together in this comprehensive report.


Executive Summary

I. Overview

II. Africa
A. Nigeria
B. South Africa

III. Asia
A. Hong Kong
B. India
C. Thailand
D. Vietnam

IV. Europe
A. Germany
B. Turkey
C. United Kingdom

V. Latin America
A. Brazil
B. Mexico

VI. Conclusion

May 2011