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IIE's IIEPassport study abroad books and the online database have been the industry standard for more sixty years, helping thousands of students identify and select study abroad programs. The annual IIEPassport directory highlights over 9,500 programs offered by U.S. and foreign universities and providers, making it the most comprehensive resource to planning study abroad for students, parents and advisers.

In addition, the online search engine allows you to search by country or subject to find detailed descriptions of hundreds of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, grants, and paid internships for U.S. undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students and professionals.

IIEPassport 2013 Study Abroad DirectoryIIEPassport 2013 Study Abroad Directory
IIEPassport 2012 Study Abroad DirectoryIIEPassport 2012 Study Abroad Directory
IIEPassport 2011 Study Abroad DirectoryIIEPassport 2011 Study Abroad Directory
IIEPassport: Study Abroad in China (2011 edition)IIEPassport: Study Abroad in China (2011 edition)
IIEPassport: Set of 4 Regional Directories (2010 editions)IIEPassport: Set of 4 Regional Directories (2010 editions)
IIEPassport Study Abroad in Africa & the Middle East (2010 edition)IIEPassport Study Abroad in Africa & the Middle East (2010 edition)
IIEPassport Study Abroad in Europe (2010 edition)IIEPassport Study Abroad in Europe (2010 edition)
IIEPassport: Study Abroad in the Americas (2010 edition)IIEPassport: Study Abroad in the Americas (2010 edition)
IIEPassport Study Abroad in Asia & Oceania (2010 edition)IIEPassport Study Abroad in Asia & Oceania (2010 edition)